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If you have at least one missing teeth, a dental bridge can play a vital role in filling the gap with one or more artificial tooth. A bridge is normally made of crowns on one or the other side of the missing tooth or teeth supporting the pontic and is cemented in place.

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What are the types of Dental Bridges?

There are 3 main sorts of dental bridges that might be utilized relying upon the condition:

  1. Traditional fixed bridges: 2 crowns on adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place.
  2. Cantilever bridges: one crown on adjacent tooth and no tooth on the opposite side of the bridge
  3. Maryland bonded bridge: resin-bonded bridge made of porcelain fused to metal teeth and framework, regularly utilized for front teeth.

What are the factors that make you a good candidate for a dental bridge?

  1. Missing at least one permanent teeth
  2. Having overall good health
  3. Having healthy teeth and a solid bone structure to help the bridge
  4. Having good oral wellbeing
  5. Can perform appropriate oral hygiene in maintaining the condition of the dental bridge

Why do you need a dental bridge?

Your teeth work together. If a tooth is missing, close by teeth can move into the empty space. The teeth in your opposite jaw can likewise push up or down toward the space. This can cause:

  1. Bite issues.
  2. Chewing difficulties.
  3. Pain from the extra stress on your teeth and jaw.
  4. Self-consciousness about the manner in which you look or you smile.

What are the Benefits of Dental bridges?

Dental bridges can give many advantages, including:

  1. Giving your mouth and smile a natural look
  2. Restoring your ability to talk normally, as missing teeth can make it hard to articulate words
  3. Assisting you with biting food more effectively
  4. Preventing adjacent teeth from moving into the empty space, which can lead to issues with your bite and different complications

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