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Tooth Extraction

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When is tooth extraction recommended?

Your dentist at dental clinics in JNTU prefers to save the natural tooth whenever possible. But sometimes other restorative methods or dental fillings or crowns might not be possible. If your tooth has been severly damaged beyond the point of repair, removal might be essential. Your dentist might recommend tooth extraction if you have:

  1. Extreme tooth decay (cavities).
  2. A cracked tooth.
  3. An impacted tooth.
  4. Crowded teeth.
  5. Serious gum disease.
  6. Tooth luxation or other dental injuries


Prior to beginning the extraction, the surgeon will take an X-ray of the individual’s tooth. This imaging will assist them with assessing the curvature and point of the tooth’s root.

When the local anaesthetic has numbed the region, the specialist, Dr. Madhuri Kotha will start the extraction. If the tooth is hidden underneath gum tissue or bone, the specialist might have to remove the gum or eliminate the impeding area of bone. An individual shouldn’t feel pain, yet they can expect to feel pressure against the tooth. They may likewise hear grinding and cracking of bone or teeth. If an individual feels any pain, they ought to inform their dentist or oral specialist right away. The specialist will administer the numbing agent again as required.

After the extraction, controlling the bleeding might be necessary. The dental specialist or surgeon will put a thick layer of gauze over the extraction site and have the individual bite on it to retain the blood and begin the clotting process.

What happens after a tooth extraction?

You can take the gauze out once the bleeding has slowed enough. You might keep on having light bleeding throughout the first 24 hours.

What are the benefits of extracting a tooth?

Tooth extraction offers various advantages. Above all, it reduces harmful bacteria that can harm your teeth and gums. If left untreated, a decayed or damaged tooth can ruin your smile, causing a domino effect of problems. Eliminating your impacted tooth allows you the best opportunity for optimal oral health. Furthermore, a tooth extraction can assist with tackling dental pain very quickly, particularly if your tooth was severely broken or infected.

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