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What are the types of gum surgeries?

Cosmetic gum contouring

Gum contouring is also known as a gum lift, is a surgical cosmetic procedure for patients who are not happy with the size and proportion of their gums. Your dentist can reshape your gums with a laser or a traditional scalpel to help your teeth to restore your smile.

Crown lengthening

If you are receiving dental crowns but don’t have sufficient exposed tooth surface to connect your crowns, your dental specialist might suggest crown lengthening. Similar to cosmetic gum contouring, this simple procedure can be accomplished with a laser or a scalpel and can assist your teeth look longer.


Appropriate for both adults and kids, a dentist can perform a frenectomy to eliminate the connective tissue known as the frenum, which joins the upper or lower lips to the gums.

Laser Gum surgery

During LANAP surgery, your dental specialist will utilize a FDA-supported laser to perform minimally invasive gum surgery and access contaminated gum tissue. The laser will definitively target infected gum tissue without harming encompassing healthy tissue and break down bacteria to prevent future illness. The LANAP laser likewise promotes tissue growth and can help your gums appropriately reattach to your bone. Get your laser gum disease treatment in Chandanagar

FLAP Surgery

If you have periodontal disease that doesn’t respond to scaling and root planing. After eliminating the plaque and tartar from your teeth, your dental specialist will make a cut on your gums to access the underlying tooth structure. They will then eliminate the infected gum tissue, address any bone damage, and eliminate the bacteria that can cause future gum disease.

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